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posted by: Kathy Perry on 8/20/2019

Leg swelling is back! Please pray that it goes down. Ortho doctor was not concerned. I am considering another doctor.
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Stress and healing
posted by: Sandra Rector on 8/20/2019

Good afternoon my Lifeway family i am asking for prayers i am in lots of pain, lots of STRESS and the small stroke has caused a little more damage than i thought. I am tired but i am not giving up in the race.l know God will get me through
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prayers for our friend, Denny and his daughter, Shannon
posted by: Sue Bennett on 8/19/2019

Asking for prayers for our friend, Denny and his daughter, Shannon... he is gonna be spending several weeks with her while she tries to dry herself out (she is an alcoholic)
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Family Transportation
posted by: Susanna Tirinato on 8/19/2019

Please pray for my family. My parents just got a new car a couple of weeks ago and it and the two vehicles they already had have all broken down in the last 24 hours. My dad was able to get his to crank so he's picking up my mom and brother where they're broken down, but it will still need to be fixed. My dad uses his truck for work, and neither of my brothers drives so mom is the eldest's ride to work and the other's ride to doctors appointments (he has a lot). All this while trying to get my youngest brother moved into college. Thanks!
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posted by: Kathy Perry on 8/15/2019

My Dad has dementia and is being scammed. He raised 7 children by working a full time and part time job for about 20 years. From what we know, he has given at least $10,000 of his hard earned $ to these criminals.
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Physical healing
posted by: DJ on 8/10/2019

You may know my friend, Ronnie Aiton. He slipped and cracked his skull a few days ago - He's with multiple stitches. He's still in a lot of pain. I'm asking for healing prayer on his behalf. He's a man of God and makes a huge difference in our community.
I will pray 9 people are praying.
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