LifeGroup Triad Catalyst Meeting
January 19, 2020     .     11:30 am - 1:00 pm
LifeGroup Triads

Hey Lifeway! Triads are starting January 19th

What to expect till then?

Catalyst will be invited to a meeting that will be held on January 19th.
Meeting will be from 11:30am to 1pm at Lifeway Church in the Kidzlife area.
Catalyst names are listed down below.
We ask that you make arrangements with your family so you can attend alone.
If you can’t get an arrangement made and have to bring your children, we will have several students who will watch your kids in the KidzLife classrooms. Please let us know ahead of time to make the arrangements.
We will also be providing a lunch for the Catalyst at the meeting.

After the meeting the Catalyst will be sending out a text message, email, or phone call to let you know who is in your LifeGroup and get your Triads started.

This is an exciting time at Lifeway Church and great way to start the New Year!

Catalyst List

Lillian Carnes
Vicky Freudenthal
Hope Dover
Tiffany Balcaitis
Lara Jessee
Robyn Crews
Holly Brown
Kay Crews
Sarah Edwards
Beth Bridges
Terri Lord
Cheri Lopez
Kelley Sills
Rob Campos
Eric Brown
Charles Lord
Dustin Jessee
Alvin Boyd
Daniel Freudenthal
Mark Crews
Mike Buckley