Church Overview

In January 1999, God led Mark Crews to begin a new church. Mark, having served in a nearby church for several years, strongly sensed that God wanted him to stay in the York area and reach unchurched people in creative and modern ways. Mark made a personal commitment to God to introduce this innovative approach to church and restore the precepts of the New Testament church.

Lifeway began with a small core of four families that began meeting together in a dance studio in downtown York in September of 1999. At that time, an official kickoff date for the church was set for January 2, 2000. On January 2, 2000, Lifeway held its first official church service at Hunter Street Elementary School in York


In the summer of 2007, Lifeway had an opportunity relocate into the Sylvia Theater in downtown York. Through a partnership with the theater, Lifeway continued to use the theater for Sunday morning gatherings and special events for children and students unil moving into our own facility.

In April of 2012 Lifeway purchased 25,000ft2 of building space at 114 South Congress Street. This space underwent renovations and was completed in November of 2016.