In the first week of #MYLIFEMYRULES, Mark gave some examples of Gods rules that have been relaxed or rewritten to accomodate the world. In your circle of friends, co-workers, schools, clubs, gyms, homes, have you noticed moments when Gods rules have changed? Someone's actions or thoughts that they shared don't line up with Gods rules? Here are some questions that you can share with your Triads on week 1 of #MYLIFEMYRULES. (please answer without gossiping about someone)  If they missed this weeks message they can catch up at this link

Are rules important to you?

Where do you struggle to follow the rules?

Which of Gods rules do you see people break (no names please) that drive you crazy?

What rule do you think is most important, most overlooked (no "love" rule)?


Lost or wavering hope 

All of us have experienced life-altering experiences that slammed into our normal and left us staggering, wondering how we would ever survive. We’ve received bad medical news, lost jobs, or found out our children or spouses have been lying to us. We’ve lost people we love. Right now, (early 2020) our world is experiencing a shaking like we have never experienced and have no idea when it will end. 

In these immense losses and grief, a portion of our heart disappears along with our hopes and expectations of the future. What are we left with after these traumatic experiences? Fear, anxiety, heartbreak, and disappointment. These feelings and emotions overwhelm us, and eventually lead us to despair. Despair is a dark spirit of heaviness that squeezes the life and breath from our purpose, our hope, our willingness to continue. It is the place the enemy meets us, anticipating that we will give up and let him win. Despair is void of hope. Despair is hopelessness. In that dark place where we falter and stagger, the enemy whispers death and defeat, hoping we will make agreements with him. “It’s too hard. You can’t do this. You won’t make it. You may as well give up.” 

His strong purpose and desire is to ultimately steal your hope, for then he has killed your faith. 

Your hope can be taken away if your hope is in a desired outcome or result. But true hope is greater than even your worst circumstance because Hope is a Person. Our God, who is Hope, is greater than any event. He can never be taken away. 

Our Father’s answer to the lies of the enemy is His presence. He is with you no matter what mountain is in your path. While your enemy is pushing you to try an “easier” path, one of avoidance, shutting down, or medicating, the God of Hope knows the way through, the way over that immense difficulty. He has traveled this path and is not surprised or intimidated by any event that altered your life and destroyed your normal. 

Will you walk hand-in-hand with Him over this mountain of hopelessness? He honors our hope when we find it in Him. 


Catalysts, let’s begin with one of the foundations of Triads. Prayer. When you hear the word prayer what comes to mind? What Bible verses/stories come to mind? Do you think about Hannah, the mother of Samuel was barren and went regularly to ask God for a child? Do you think about Elijah and His prayer that God would send fire down on the altar? Or maybe your mind goes to Jesus in Matthew 6:5-6, where he told his disciples(and us) how to pray. Share your thoughts/favorite Bible verses on prayer with your triad and ask them to share theirs.