SOAP Bible Study

Many believers settle for a spiritual routine that lacks God's presence. But what they truly want, and truly need, is a dynamic, vital, and intimate relationship with God. Here Wayne Cordeiro gently but directly shows readers how to move from routine to relationship--from mundane actions to fresh encounters--by learning to hear Him speak to them through the Bible. Through stories, lessons, and anecdotes, Cordeiro equips readers to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit as they read God's Word, enabling them to transform their daily quiet time with the Lord.
Scripture: Write out a verse or passage that was meaningful to you.

Observation: What was interesting in this verse or passage? What did you learn? What was God saying to you?

Application: How can you apply this scripture to your life? How will you let it change you?

Prayer: Respond to God in prayer, use the scripture as a guide. Ask God to meditate and apply the scripture to your life.