Family Ministry

"...Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes."

Nehemiah 4:14

At Lifeway Church, our family ministry includes three different areas: KidzLife Nursery & Preschool, KidzLife Small Groups, and StudentLife.

These areas work together alongside parents to help them guide their children toward a closer relationship with God.

Teaching with the end in mind is the motivation behind our overall strategy. We believe that there are key things a child needs to learn at each age from birth through high school—age-specific core concepts, principles, and experiences – to have a real, growing, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  By participating in the various age-specific strategies – First Look, 252 Basics, and XP3 – our church has a master plan that keeps the end result for a child in mind.
Every one of us has a desire to marvel. We are looking for something to amaze us and something to incite wonder. A generation of students growing up in the church today has somehow missed the wonder of who God really is and they believe that He somehow could not be big enough for their experiences.

Every person is wired for adventure. We are curious from the womb. We want to explore, to see something we have never seen, something that helps us understand new things about ourselves. But many students today never make the discovery of who they are in light of God’s truth, and many feel that He isn’t relevant to their lives.

We feel there are three important “dials” to turn in the lives of children: wonder, discovery, and passion. In KidzLife Nursery & Preschool, which cares for children from birth to four years old, we strive to encourage a wonder for who God really is.  In KidzLife Small Groups, for kindergartners to 5th graders, we add to wonder, a discovery for our role in God’s story.  In StudentLife, geared for 6th to 12th graders, we try to add to wonder and discovery, a passion for what God is passionate about in this world.

Every one of us also longs to make a connection – to make a difference, to have intimacy, romance, and companionship. Many students today fail to engage in a God-given passion to become authentically involved in the lives of others. They don’t feel God is real enough to be involved in their relationships.

Wonder, Discovery, and Passion are three driving factors that ultimately affect everything we do. They pull at our hearts, mold our behavior, and capture our imagination. They are the levers our culture pulls to move us emotionally and to appeal to our souls.