Life change happens best in circles, not rows!

Tables are one of the most important places for human connection. Throughout the Bible, God had a way of showing up at tables and connecting with people.  We invite you to take a seat at one of our Roundtables. Roundtables are a form of LifeGroups where people gather to dive deeper into the Sunday message. There is no “presenter” or “speaker.” Questions will be placed on each table, and with the assistance of a facilitator, these questions will help guide you through the Bible, conversations, prayer, and SOAPing.

Each Roundtable will consist of 6-8 people max, in an effort to give everyone an opportunity to share and discuss. There are no assigned seats, making it a great opportunity to fellowship with different people that take a seat at your table from week to week. We recommend participants to be of StudentLife age and up (12+). You can take a seat at a Roundtable 15 minutes after the Sunday service ends to discuss the message from that day.

All Roundtables will meet on Lifeway’s Campus in the Multi-Purpose Room.

See our upcoming events to confirm any cancellations:
LifeGroups are a coed group that begins with up to eight  participants consisting of men and women that meet together for community, Bible study, prayer, accountability, and outreach. The LifeGroup leader will lead each study or assign someone to lead the study. The Leader will also schedule the time and location for the LifeGroup to meet. Groups generally meet on the same day of the week, once a week, or every other week.

LifeGroups can grow up to 12 members. This gives each group space to add new participants from the church or to invite friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to join the group. This should create a comfortable environment where, together as a group, you can grow in your relationship with Jesus.
God has created us to live in relationship with others and we believe that life-change always happens in the context of relationships. However, we know that meaningful relationships are not always easy to find. Lifeway has designed LifeGroup Triads to bring people into life-changing relationships through conversation, prayer, and accountability.

LifeGroup Triads are created around three important spiritual disciplines that should be practiced by every follower of Jesus. Those three disciplines are: Bible reading (what God is saying to you), praying (listening and talking to God daily), and living in community. Each Triad consists of three men or women. One participant serves as the Catalyst for the group.  The Catalyst initiates weekly prayer conversations through texting, messaging, video conferences, and/or phone calls. The Catalyst also schedules a minimum of one meet point each month where each Triad participant shares what God has been showing them in Bible study, how they are applying it, and how God is working in their life. Triads can meet in homes, businesses, restaurants, community rooms, or any other location indoors or out.

It is our heartfelt desire to see you connect and grow. . . closer to each other and closer to God. This can happen in your life as you get connected with one of our amazing, life-giving groups!

You...? A Catalyst?

Yes, you! Anyone can become a Catalyst! The Catalyst has no preparation in regard to planning a study, thus eliminating the pressures and responsibilities of being a leader. If you are willing to initiate conversations, share prayer requests, and schedule a time for your LifeGroup Triad to meet, you are qualified to be a catalyst.

Join a LifeGroup!

Ready to join a LifeGroup? Just let us know and our LifeGroup Director will get in touch with you.