Seven Arrows Bible Study Method

Arrow 1: What does the passage say? (Sum It Up)

The goal of Arrow 1 is to encourage people who don’t like to read and avid readers to read the Bible carefully and to engage the text with a clear goal. Essentially, the aim of Arrow 1 is to slow down the reading process and discover the SINGLE POINT of the passage.

Arrow 2: What did the passage mean to the original audience? (Look Back)

The goal of this arrow is to employ tools that point us backward into the historical setting. In doing this we will be able to focus our ability to aim the Arrows, increase the depth of our biblical understanding and produce much spiritual fruit.

Arrow 3: What does this passage tell us about God? (Look Up)

The goal of this arrow is to focus our reading on the God who reveals himself in the Scriptures as the central character in every Bible story in order to prepare us to know him in his glory. Aiming this arrow properly is the MOST important part of the whole process and will make aiming all of the other arrows in the right direction much easier.

Arrow 4: What does this passage tell us about man? (Look Down)

The goal of this arrow is to focus our attention from the central character in the story of the Bible to the subject of those who bear God’s image and reflect who God is – human beings. In this arrow we will see how the Scriptures demonstrate that people are:
1. Made in the image of God.
2. Sinners in rebellion against God.
3. Recreated in Christ as believers.
4. Free to flourish by serving King Jesus.

Arrow 5: What does this passage demand of me? (Look Forward)

The goal of this arrow is to apply a passage from the Bible correctly, completely, and consistently. Using the first 4 arrows as our foundation, we are now ready
to apply God’s Word to our lives in a meaningful and powerful way.

Arrow 6: how does this passage change the way I relate to people? (Look Around)

The goal of this arrow is to apply God’s Word to the relationships we have with people around us. We can easily be led to believe that following Christ is something we do by ourselves, however we are meant to read and apply God’s Word in community with others.

Arrow 7: What does this passage prompt me to pray? (Pray It Up)

The goal of the final arrow is to help us consider how we should reply to God’s Word. The answer is simple. You respond back to Him in the same way that you would respond to a message from a loved one – you talk to Him.