This week Mark talks about Nebuchadnezzar and how his self-centered pride and his desire to follow his own rules made him feel like a god. But God had a way to show Nebuchadnezzar that He is our sovereign God and Nebuchadnezzar is only in that place of authority because it was granted to him. Watch or listen to week 6 of #MYLIFEMYRULES at https://subspla.sh/sjs95cs.

Take a couple of minutes to identify the leadership roles in your life.

Are you giving God ultimate authority in your leadership roles?

Does pride of your accomplishments sometimes set in?

God took steps to humble Nebuchadnezzar during his leadership. What steps has God taken to
humble you?

God has granted you this stewardship of leading people in this world. In your leadership role you have a great opportunity to be the image of Christ to the ones you lead. Are you being the image of Christ?

As a leader, are you mentoring someone so they can lead the next generation?

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