The Problem with God - Week 3

In week 3 of The Problem with God (, Mark starts us off into a conversation about the beginning of the Universe. Everything has a beginning. The Law of Causality says that something can't happen without a cause. Therefore, the universe has a beginning. Mark shares with us how some of the greatest minds prove and show how our universe began from a finite amount of energy that exploded out (the Big Bang) to make our universe. Also in this week we see how we are in this Goldilocks zone where if things were not Just Right, we could not exist in this universe. Examples of this is the Oxygen Constant, The Atmospheric Transparency Constant, the Moon-Earth Gravitation Interaction Constant, The Carbon Constant, plus more. If these constants where not Just Right we wouldn't have life as we know it.

1. As a child, what was your understanding of the creation story? 
2. As you got older did you doubt the creation story due to outside sources? Friends, college professors, books that suggest something different happened?
3. Where is you understanding of the creation story now? Is there enough evidence in this message that shows that God created the universe? Can you put together a defense that you are confident in if a conversation about the beginning comes up?  If not, please don't leave with unanswered questions. We have a email to direct any questions you have at  

You are God's prized creation. If God concerned himself to create this creation so precisely and in a way  that sustains and continues, how GREAT is his concern for His prize creation? Would not the creator want the very best for His prize creation? He has made everything just right so that life exists and He has sent Jesus to make everything just right for those who will acknowledge their sin and receive His forgiveness.  

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