Miracle - Week 2

In week 1 of Miracles we discovered that miracles are unexplained, supernatural events that suspends natural law, by which God confirms a message and/or a messenger. And the miracle that God does, He does for Himself. God is about revealing Himself and His glory, and while mankind benefits from the miracles, God does the miracle for Himself. God also doesn't just do the miracle to do something for you, but when God does a miracle it's to do something in you. That's what we see in the miracles in the Bible. Miracles producing faith and belief and trust and encouragement. The miracle that you are praying for has already been done. and I don't mean that the healing has already happened or that your relationship has already been restored or that provision has already been made, but through the miracles recorded in the Bible, God has already done the miracle He needed to do, to do the work in you that needs to be done.

This week in week 2 of Miracles ( https://subspla.sh/d5czxv6 ) Mark leads us through many of the miracles that happen when Moses leads God people out of Egypt.

1. Most of us have a routine or some sort of schedule that we follow daily. Tell about a time this week when your regular flow of activity was disrupted. How did you react?
2. What are places in your life that you think God may be asking you to step out and do something, but you are scared?
3. What did God’s escape plan require of Moses and the Israelites?
4. How did this experience change the relationship between God and Israel?
5. How was God glorified through Pharaoh and his army?
6. What seems to be God’s purpose in this plan?

Don't fear the thing that makes you afraid, fear God and believe in Him.

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