The Problem with God - Week 1

Can you handle the truth! This message is a great start to our new series, The Problem with God.  In today’s world there is so many people leaving the church or not even give church a chance. They reject God. They don’t understand the Bible. They become influenced by people who they let have authority over them like friends, family, college professors, creative artist, even people online who are right at their figure tips. People leaving the church decide what they like as truth over what is actually truth. What the absolute truth is. Since this is an apologetic series which is a reasoned argument in justifying Christianity, are you prepared to share the truth? Do you know truth? Do you know how to explain truth? We have to prepare to bring people to Christ. Bring people back to the church. To share the truth. Start here with week 1 of The Problem with God

What’s wrong with this statement: "There is no such thing as absolute truth.”

Can you hold to absolute truth and still be non-judgmental?

Are the areas of Jesus’ truth that you have eliminated as absolute truth?

As a missionary for Jesus, are you prepared to defend what you believe?

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