Circumstances - Week 2

When we face hard circumstances, our tendency is to run from pain and avoid the uncomfortable because we know that it's going to make a mess of our lives. As the church, we have decided that our Christian walk should be a comfortable and convenient walk, rather than one that is filled with serving and sacrifice. Our circumstances definitely can bring challenge to our lives but when that happens our tendency should be to look to Jesus as the one who is able to help us and walk with us.  Circumstances - Week 2 video -

Have you ever felt great debt to someone for something they did for you or for your family?
Something like a great sacrifice or act of kindness.

As part of the church Paul said, as a Christian, we should live our lives in such a way that is worthy. In a way that shows your appreciation of the sacrifice that Jesus made for you on your behalf. In appreciation and thankfulness, your life actions show an attitude of humility, gentleness, and patience.

For most of our lives circumstances cause us to focus on our self and how our lives are being messed up by the circumstance.

So when this happens, we should question how:

How does our response affect God?
How will this reflect on Him?
How does God want me to handle this problem or this blessing?
How can I most please and honor God in this?

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