Miracle - Week 1

In this new series we will  talk about Miracles. We all have a vision of what miracles are and we all feel that God has given, changed, or fixed something in our life that we called a miracle from God. In this first week of Miracles, Mark walks us through the Bible and explains to us what miracles are. What God uses miracles for and the difference between  God's providential will or a miracle. Take a look at  week 1 of Miracles at ( https://subspla.sh/pzgj95j )

1. Was there a time where you thought God graced you with a miracle in your life?
2. What are some miracles that take place in the Bible?
3. What is the definition of a miracle?
4. What is the difference between a miracle and God's providential will?
5. Why does God use miracles?

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